Selected Project Highlights

Jon Burgess, P.E.

·         Retrofitted an existing, manually controlled, latex resin batch manufacturing process, as Project Manager, at a Benjamin Moore paint plant, to obtain a PLC-controlled, automated system, that controls safety-related critical production parameters, for a range of resin types and operating conditions, using appropriate alarms and interlocks (and HMI screens), to prevent a runaway reaction that could release undesirable hazardous chemicals. [recent client]

·     Assisted a new management team at DPT Laboratories, a pharmaceutical toll manufacturing co., on an interim basis, as a Plant Engineer, and as the Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, until a new facilities manager could be selected and brought up to speed, having both plant engineering and maintenance responsibilities. [recent client]

·       Core team member (Validation Engineer), along with other engineers and technical writers, successfully prepared and executed protocols, to retrofit and validate “cGMP critical” legacy plant-wide utility systems. These systems included liquid/gas nitrogen and main compressed air, at a Schering-Plough plant. The team was challenged by a grueling schedule, tough-access areas, concealed piping runs, and off-hours systems availability to suit production schedules.

·       Lead Consulting Engineer for a Magnesium Elektron plant survey, which identified ways to reduce wastewater discharge and increase product recovery. Results of subsequent at-plant bench-scale lab tests, and vendor’s lab pilot-scale tests, suggested an annual overall operating cost savings approaching $900,000 could be realized. In-plant pilot-scale testing programs were then recommended.

·       Led a cross-functional team, as Process-Project Engineer, with a successful, multi-million dollar, high profile, seasoning application program, for 21 baking lines among eight Nabisco Biscuit bakeries. Using a sequenced approach to limit core team size, the project stayed within schedule and under budget. The project team was recognized with a company Presidential Council Award.

·       As Senior Project Engineer, at Jacobs Engineering, supervised all process and utility engineering work, for a batch emulsion polymer/soap manufacturing plant for S.C. Johnson & Son.

·       As an Onsite-Offsite Design Engineer for Exxon Research & Engineering, did facilities engineering work -- preparation of Exxon specifications/drawings -- for various refineries' onsite processes and offsite utilities, including e.g. gas treating, NMP solvent conversion, ammonia recovery, LPG/gas fuels, steam/condensate, chemicals handling.

Please note: Refer to Projects History (DetaIls) for more information about the above-selected projects, and for many other projects also involving Jon.