Jon Burgess, P.E.

Professionally Licensed, Seasoned, Free Lance Chemical Engineer

VALUE.  Jon’s technical and administrative talents can be used to beneficially assist chemical-process-related manufacturing companies. His talents can be applied to the execution of capital improvement projects for new, modernized, expanded, or retrofitted production facilities, or for plant-wide projects addressing major maintenance issues. He has a detail-oriented, methodical approach to defining, monitoring, and inspecting work, knowing that you get what you inspect, not what you expect. Thus, Jon can get results with production facilities that are immediately functional, safe, and maintainable. His work arenas so far include coke and ore processing, consumer products, foods and beverages, petrochemicals and chemicals, petroleum refining, plus pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Jon’s transferable skills can also be applied among other chemical-process-industry segments.

QUALITIES.  Jon is excellent at dealing with all parties that must cooperate to successfully complete projects. He has extensive, hands-on experience in design work for chemical processes, mechanical equipment, associated utilities, and for closed-loop equipment and piping  “clean in place”/ “clean out of place” techniques. He has also supervised overall design needs (e.g. retrofit projects) entailing decontamination, demolition, building modifications, HVAC systems, and facility safety/environmental issues. Jon has led the review of in-place operations, to lower operating costs, increase product yield, and troubleshoot problem areas. He has also helped with FDA-related validation work and with EHS-related plant upgrading work.

His project coordination talents, as both an owner’s and GC’s representative, include:

  • ·        Project engineering/management, coordinating material needs, overseeing procurement/fabrication

  • ·        Expediting, contracts administration, new/revamp construction supervision

  • ·        Commissioning and demonstration, operator training

ADAPTABILITY.  He can easily adapt to varying work arrangements:

  •         Jon can deal directly with end-user client companies, or can work via an intermediate firm serving these companies.

  •         He can work on a contract basis as part of a client’s team (as a leader or helper), or on a solo-consulting basis, or by leading a small consulting team of experienced associates, on an as-needed basis, via his own company.

  •         His role can vary to suit client needs: plant engineer, design engineer, troubleshooter, technical compliance auditor, corporate project engineer or manager, construction manager/supervisor, third party overseer, validation team member, start-up/demonstration leader, operator trainer.

LICENSE.  Registered Professional Engineer, New Jersey, License No. 24GE01912100


NJ DEPE Underground Storage Tank Certification

National Environmental Certification for 24 Hour OSHA Health and Safety Training and for Toxic/Hazardous Waste Management

Slurry Handling

Training Classes On cGMPs and Validation Documentation Practices

Documentum Use Training


Potomac State College, AA, Pre-Engineering

  •  Top Student in Graduating Class, Received Mathematics Award

West Virginia University, BSChE, Chemical Engineering

  • Tau Beta Pi Honor Society