Performance Testimonials

 for Jon Burgess, P.E.


“Jon used his considerable technical/administrative talents to foster consensus and build agreement, while coordinating the overall project efforts (and attending to details!) on behalf of our department. This high profile, multi-million dollar project was completed ahead of schedule, under budget, and won a Presidential Council Award. Jon was recognized as a major contributor to this success story. Talk about hitting the street running - this was his first project at Nabisco!”  …. W. Young (Nabisco)

 “The roadblock on this project had been that the formulation called for using an ingredient that the client had no experience with, and furthermore had no equipment  capable of receiving, handling, and blending.  Jon was able to work with all parties, including the ingredient vendors, to come up with a unique solution that not only solved all the problems, but simplified the manufacturing process as well.” …. J. Pfister (Finished Goods Enterprises)

 “One of the new processes involved a new topical coating technology by others that was yet untested. The process was extremely complicated and we ran into many technical problems regarding operation and cleaning. At times many of us doubted the process viability. Fortunately through Jon’s tireless efforts we were able to eventually go into production, but only after extensive redesign of a large percentage of the process and equipment. Most of this redesign work was done by Jon, and he led our overall efforts to get an acceptable process.”  …. E. Mertz (Turnbull)

 “It’s been a pleasure working with Jon, based on his extensive, diversified, technical knowledge and abilities. He has administrative talents and communicates effectively with his peers, with his vendors, and with his clients. Jon is detailed yet efficient in his approach to defining a system’s basis. His post-order follow-up efforts are exceptional, as is his persistence in resolving problems. His efforts ensured that construction, equipment assembly, and pre-shipment activities satisfied both our company and the client.”  …. W. Wittmann (GOE)

 “Jon maintained his courteous, friendly, professional demeanor, in spite of the Houston heat and humidity and our continued push to get it done.  He rode herd on engineering, procurement, vendors, and contractors, while also helping keep the plant happy as we built a facility next to operating baking lines.  Jon and a few other core team members worked well together.  There were long days and nights, and some anxious moments, but they made it work and produce our products.  Jon’s contributions to the overall success on this multi-million dollar project were major.”  …. C. Pillori (Nabisco)

“I worked with Jon at an engineering company and hired him for a few months on a project when I worked for a different company. I have always enjoyed working with him. He is a good project manager and dedicated effective engineer.”  .... D. A. Smith, P.E.

“Jon and I worked directly next to one another as consultant/contractors at Schering Plough for over 9 months. Jon was very thorough, detailed and precise in all of his engineering research and work results. I look forward to future assignments with Jon and recommend him highly where attention to detail and accuracy are paramount.”  .... L. Keck (Westfield Consulting)

"It is my pleasure to recommend Jon. He assisted DPT on an interim basis, and we worked on several major projects together, with success and meeting budget requirements. Jon is a knowledgeable engineer and works well with team and independent participation. Jon would be a great addition to any organization using his services, and is determined to meet or exceed corporate goals and objectives."  .... J. Trushell (DPT Laboratories)

“Jon provided expertise to managing a variety of projects, concluding the projects on time and within the expected budget. Jon's work covered a variety of projects, including e.g. chemical process improvements for a latex batch reactor, and civil work for secondary containment projects. His top qualities: great results, good value, high integrity. I recommend Jon to anyone contemplating his service.”  .... A. Mengon (Benjamin Moore)