In Jon’s extensive career, he worked as a direct-hire for three different companies. These three companies are flagged below  (as "employer").  For the other companies listed below, he’s worked with them on a free lance basis (including some repeat clients also):


Coke and Ore Processing

·         Imperial Oil (via Esso Research & Engineering Co., employer)

·         Republic Steel (Republic Engineered Products), via Inseco Associates, a design-build firm

·         Shenango (via Inseco Associates, a design-build firm)

Consumer Products

·         Breed Corporation (Breed Technologies)

·         N.L. Industries

·         S.C. Johnson & Son (S.C. Johnson) via Jacobs Engineering Co., employer

Foods and Beverages

·         Anheuser-Busch (via Atkins Benham, a design firm)

·         Campbell Soup Co.

·         Hartz Mountain Pet Foods (via Metsys Engineering, a design firm)

·         International Home Food Products (via Thermal C/M Services, a construction management firm)

·         Nabisco Biscuit Co. (Kraft)

·         Nabisco Foods Co. (Kraft)

·         Ocean Spray Cranberries

Petrochemical and Chemical

·         Allied Chemical (Honeywell)

·         American Cyanamid (Cytec)

·         American Cyanamid (Cytec) via Jacobs Engineering Co., employer

·         Army Corps of Engineers (via C.F. Braun & Co., employer)

·         Benjamin Moore & Co. [most recent client]

·         Engelhard Industries (via Jacobs Engineering Co., employer)

·         Esso Research & Engineering Co. (employer) – now Exxon Mobil

·         Exxon Chemical Americas (Exxon Mobil)

·         Exxon Chemical Co (Exxon Mobil)

·         Fairmount Chemical

·         Magnesium Elektron (via NJ MEP)

·         M&T Chemicals (Arkema)

Petroleum Refining

·         Esso Research & Engineering Co. (employer) – now Exxon Mobil

·         Exxon Research & Engineering Co. (Exxon Mobil)

·         Union Oil (Chevron) via C.F. Braun & Co., employer

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

·         Undisclosed Client

·         DPT Laboratories

·         E.R. Squibb (Bristol-Myers Squibb)

·         Hoffmann-La Roche

·         Schering Laboratories

·         Schering-Plough Corporation

·         SmithKline Beckman (GlaxoSmithKline) via Jacobs Engineering Co., employer

·         Syntex (via Sverdrup Corporation)