The following table includes selected individuals and firms, whom Jon has gotten to know pretty well over the years. The selection is by no means all inclusive, but attempts to demonstrate some of the types of services Jon can interface with, when needed, while implementing plant work on behalf of a client.

Jon has collaborated with some in the table, involving small-team consulting work. He  has also awarded work (via client POs), and supervised the work, of some others therein (e.g. Foth, PS&S, Urban, PSI, GOE, JR Patois, A.E. Drafting, along with work of all the Design-Build Contractors shown therein).

Contact info isn't included in the table in some cases, to maintain the privacy of these parties (or to honor their stated limitations concerning the posting of their website URL). Anyone interested in more information about these associates can always contact Burgess Technical Resources, to discuss specifics.



Consulting Engineers


David A. Smith Professional Engineer, LLC

David A. Smith, P.E.

Process engineering

Finished Goods Enterprises, Inc.


Focused Solutions Group

See website

Foth Production  Solutions, LLC



Milestones Engineering PC

See website


See website

Twin Peaks Consulting

Dr.  John R. Whyte, Jr.

Metallurgical engineering

Urban Engineers, Inc.




Chemical-Environmental Management Consultants


Pleasant Hill Consultants, Inc.

See website


System Integrators


Primary Systems Inc. (PSI)

See website


Equipment Suppliers



See website

Patois Associates, Inc.

See website



Core Results, LLC

Norman Klein

Supply chain cost reduction, management consulting

Karten Supply Chain Consulting, LLC

Murray Karten

See profile


CAD Services, Design


A.E. Drafting & Design

John Fagan

Mechanical & electrical

Stone River Enterprises, LLC

Manny Badillo

Mechanical & electrical


Don Bean, John Terrusa



Design-Build Contractors


Century Electric , Inc.

See website

Chambon Electric, Inc.


Design, install, maintain-repair

Frank Zotynia & Son, Inc.

See website

San’s Construction Co.  Inc.


Excavation, concrete, paving

Select Service Mechanical, Inc.


HVAC design, install, maintain-repair

TTI Environmental, Inc.

See website

Veteran’s Maintenance, Inc.


General construction, insulation specialists